Yakima Wheel House Tire Holder

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Product Overview

The Yakima WheelHouse lets you mount your front wheel on top of your roof rack, freeing up space in the trunk for gear and dogs.

Universal mounting hardware fits Yakima racks, Rhino racks, Thule/Inno racks and most factory crossbars.

Folds down when not in use for garage clearance

Double wheel retention with axle skewer and ZipStrip ratcheting strap stabilizes the wheel and prevents it from spinning during travel. 

Can be locked to the roof rack with 1 Yakima SKS lock core (sold separately)

Works with all new wheel and axle sizes

The Wheel House can mount at a 90 angle or can be angled down for a more aerodynamic look.

Holds one wheel securely, even at high speeds.
Click the logo to launch the Yakima Fit Guide to determine proper fit: yakima-logo.jpg

Backed by a Yakima Lifetime Warranty.