Yakima Roof Rack Tracks w/ Plus Nuts

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Product Overview

The Yakima Roof Rack Tracks with Plus Nuts are a permanent and custom rack solution that requires drilling into metal surfaces such as a truck topper, camper shell, or car roof top. Yakima Tracks include Plus Nuts, specifically designed mounting hardware for installing on metal surfaces without the removal of the headliner.

A Plus Nut is a "blind" fastener that creates a threaded screw hole in sheet metal. They are installed using a special expander tool (included). All of the mounting hardware is hidden between the roof and headliner and nothing is visible from inside the vehicle.

Available in 42" and 54" lengths.  Yakima Tracks can easily be cut down to a smaller size, if necessary.

These racks have the ability to adjust forward and backward within the tracks, allowing you to create the bar spread you need, depending on the gear you haul.

Yakima tracks are the tracks that come pre-installed on all ARE toppers.

Rubber washers and silicone sealant are both included to provide a waterproof seal.

NOTE:  These tracks will NOT mount onto a fiberglass surface. The Yakima 60" Tracks with traditional bolts and nuts are needed for installing on fiberglass truck toppers.

These tracks are intended for use with the following roof racks:
Yakima Skyline Towers rack with Landing Pad 1 and Jet Stream/Core bars
Yakima Control Towers rack with Landing Pad 1 and Round bars  
Thule Podium/Rapid Podium rack with Fit Kit #3101 and Square/Aeroblade bars

Backed by a Yakima Lifetime Warranty.