Yakima Dead Lock For Hitch Bike Racks

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Product Overview

The Yakima Dead Lock has a cable to lock your bike directly to your hitch rack and a locking hitch pin to secure your hitch rack to the car. 

Compatible with Yakima hitch racks:  Big Horn, King Pin, Slic Roc, Back Swing, Full Swing, and Double Down.

2 Yakima SKS Lock Cores included - one key to lock your bikes to the hitch rack and your rack to your rig.

Cable lock secures outside bike to the hitch rack with a cable and steel pin. This effectively prevents the inner bikes from being removed.

Hitch lock secures the bike rack to your vehicle.

Injection molded lock and metal core.

Cable lock conveniently stores inside hitch rack arm.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review