Swagman Traveler XCS RV 2 Bike Towing Rack

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Product Overview

The Swagman Traveler XCS RV 2 bike towing rack allows you to transport 2 bikes off the back of an RV and still tow a trailer. 

Mounts to a 2" towing bar to transport two bicycles (towing bar not included).

The push button ratcheting arm hooks easily adjust to secure your bike.

Ratchet arms have a padded coating to protect the bike's finish.

The XCS RV carries a wide variety of bike frames without the hassle of removing wheels.

This bike rack folds up into itself for easy storage when not in use.  The center mast also folds down.

Transport up to 2 bikes.

No bike to bike contact thanks to the platform design.  The bikes sit securely in the wheel hoops.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review