Swagman Tailwhip Tailgate Pad

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Product Overview

The Swagman TAILWHIP TAILGATE PAD can safely transport 4-5 bikes in the bed of your truck.  The Tailwhip is constructed with high density foam to protect your bike and lined with soft fleece to protect your vehicle.
Made from waterproof and ballistic tarpaulin ensuring durability 
Over-sized tailgate pocket makes it easy to access the tail gate latch 
Flap includes a clasp to keep the flap open when using a back up camera 
Includes Velcro straps to fasten your bikes to the integrated nylon daisy-chain webbing across the top of the pad 
Strategically placed daisy chains allow for versatile bike placement 
Straps are made of nylon webbing for longer life when exposed to constant sun and weather 
Over sized tailgate pocket allows for easy access to tailgate latch 
Velcro Straps secure bikes to pad and daisy chain allows for versatile bike placement

The Tail Whip is available in two models:

CARRIES: Up to 5 Bikes
FITS: Truck Tailgate
SIZE: 61" Wide
ITEM#: 64760
Full size Tailwhip comes with 5 Velcro lash straps 

CARRIES: Up to 4 Bikes
FITS: Truck Tailgate
SIZE: 54" Wide
ITEM#: 64761
Mid size Tailwhip comes with 4 Velcro lash straps 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review