Sportube Vac Rac Quad fly rod rack

Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Sportube Vac Rac Quad fly rod carrier allows you to safely transport fly rods up and down the river, from one fishing hole to another, without breaking down your rods. It features two small manually activated vacuum bases per mount which offer a greater margin of safety over a single vacuum base and more holding power.

The design allows for plenty of clearance between reels and the vehicle and can be bent to fit varying contours of a vehicle hood.

The hood-to-roof mounting prevents snapped rods from opening hatchbacks and tailgates.


  • 4 suction bases - 2 bases per mount.
  • Attaches instantly and effectively.
  • Holds up to 4 rods and reels.
  • Suction bases do not damage vehicle finish.
  • Soft padding to protect rods.
  • Pillar bracket provides extra reel clearance.
  • Rods are secured in place by fabric covered elastic shock cords.
  • Purpose molded 'T' rack.


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