Sportube Vac-Rac Combi fly rod rack

Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Sportube Vac-Rac Combi is the finest 'short haul' external fly rod carrier on the market. Using powerful magnetic and patented Vacuum-on-Demand principles, the Vac-Rac Combi offers convenience and affordability while, securely transporting fly rods up and down the river.

Holds up to 4 rods and reels.

The Vac-Rac Combi has been safely and successfully tested at speeds up to 70mph.

This fly fishing rod roof rack attaches instantly to any smooth, clean, steel surface.

The soft padding of the Vac-Rac protects your fly rods during travel.

Rods are secured in place by elastic shock cords.

The hood to roof mounting position avoids rod breakage from tailgates and hatchbacks.

Flexible magnetic base has non-scratch coating to protect vehicle paint and finish.

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