RodMounts Sumo Fishing Rod Rack

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Product Overview

The RodMounts Sumo Fishing Rod Carrier offers the ultimate in versatility and performance for transporting fishing rods of all types, far exceeding anything else on the market.  The Sumo can transport up to 6 fishing rods of all types, allowing the rods to be staggered or offset so that the reels don't interfere with each.

The Sumo can mount to more cars in more places than any other product in its category. Ball and socket connections and vertical pivots provide unequaled flexibility to mount to your vehicle. An additional ball and socket connection in the rod rest allows rods to be level.  Ball and sockets allow SUMO to be positioned out of the line of direct sight for driver and passengers so you can see where you're going.


  • The ability to mount SUMO close to the edge means you won’t have to lean over the vehicle.
  • Windshield mounting is possible as the connections can accommodate the steep angle, which is ideal for Jeep Wrangler owners.
  • The connection at the rod rest adjusts so your rods are level and maximum contact for support of your rods.
  • Double straps maintain firm yet gentle pressure on your rods cushioned by the foam pads preventing side movement. Pull-rings engage with retention notches to keep your rods firmly in place.
  • This fishing rod carrier easily breaks down for storage and weighs only 2 pounds.
  • The Sumo fishing rod rack can easily be move from one vehicle to another.  

The Sumo rod carrier is available in two different models.  Please use the drop down menu above to select.

If you need/want the most powerful adhesion, the Suction mounts are the way to go. Suction Mounts produce much higher holding force than magnets

The Suction Mounts can be interchanged with Magnetic Mounts for cars with steel hoods and roofs (Magnet Mounts are sold separately).  The Sumo also has the ability to use a combination of suction or magnet mounts. To switch out the mounts, remove the bolt, insert mount and replace bolt.

The RodMounts Sumo SUCTION rod carrier uses 4 independent "lever-lock" suction mounts to create force and adhere to any smooth non-porous surface. The Sumo Suction works great on windshields and sunroofs.


  • Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface making them more versatile than magnets.
  • Properly used, suction mounts provide vastly superior adhesion and can withstand much higher speeds, crosswinds and really rough “roads”.
  • Suction mounts can adhere to slightly curved surfaces.
  • Suction mounts are more sensitive to cold temperatures and wet and dirty surfaces. Really cold, wet and dirty surfaces can inhibit adhesion.
  • Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface. Most cars have steel body panels, however there is an increase in the use of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Suction mounts work great on windshields and sunroofs. 
  • Suction mounts feature a lever-lock mechanism that creates suction force when activated.
  • For vehicle speeds over 60 MPH

The RodMounts Sumo MAGNETIC fly rod carrier features 4 independent magnet assemblies that generate 95 pounds of pull-force each and will adhere to any steel surface. Each magnet assembly features a silicone boot to prevent scratches to the paint. Recommended maximum speed is 45 mph.


  • Magnets will only adhere to steel surfaces (check your hood and roof with a refrigerator magnet).
  • Magnets are less sensitive to temperature, dust and water on the car’s surface.
  • Magnets will work in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Magnets require flat surfaces for optimum adhesion.
  • For vehicle speeds up to 45 MPH

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