Rocky Mounts Lo Ball Fork Block Bike Rack

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Product Overview

The Rocky Mounts Lo Ball fork block bike rack can be mounted to pickup truck beds, 2 x 4s, garage walls, etc.  Mounting options are endless. Get creative.

The LoBall is available in 3 different models:
9mm Skewer - Non-locking 9mm quick release skewer
Locking Skewer - Stainless steel locking quick release skewer with locks + keys
Track Mount w/ Locking Skewer -  designed to mount to truck bed channels

NOTE:  Drilling is required to mount the 9mm and the Locking Lo Ball.  Mounting hardware NOT included.

The Lo Ball Track mounts securely to Toyota, Nissan, Chevy and GMC pickup truck bed channels.

If you order multiple of the Lo Ball, we will automatically make sure all of the locks have the say key.

Burly, non-corrosive, cast aluminum construction with a durable, metallic silver, powder coat finish.

The center opening allows the use of a lock cable or serves as a tie down.

Works great with both road and mountain bikes and with bikes with disc bakes.