Riversmith Swiftcast Fly Rod Carrier

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Product Overview

The Riversmith Swiftcast universal rod holder can be mounted onto any raft frame or raft size. In addition to solving the problem of fly rod storage on float trips, the Swiftcast design has many other unique features. Beautifully designed bottomless reel box allows water to naturally drain as you work your way down the river. Streamlined curve of the Nose Cone smoothly transfers your rod from the Channel into the Curved Tubes. Riversmith is proud to make top quality products and accessories for those who love to spend time on the water fly fishing. With Swiftcast you can enjoy life in the current.

Designed and handcrafted in Boulder, CO, by fishermen for fishermen.


• Universal mounting to any raft frame and raft size
• Holds 10ft rods up to 10 weight
• Elastic cord for 100% security in rapids
• Attach inside or outside of oar tower
• Can be paired together in-line or bi-directional
• Curved or straight tube options

The SWIFTCAST ROD HOLDER is designed as a modular system that can break down into an 8x8x32in box. A T-Track runs the full length of the Channel Extrusion (left, right, and bottom sides) allow for universal mounting on any raft frame. 


Simply attach the two Channels together with the Channel Connector and then attach the Reel Box and Nose Cone to each end. Now you can attach the Universal Mounts to any T-Track and attach it to your raft frame.


Finally, connect the two 24in Curved Tubes together and insert them onto the Nose Cone. Shape them to the rocker of your raft and secure them in place with the Pipe Clips.

Riversmith takes pride in the products we manufacture and will warrant that all River Quiver Rooftop Fly Rod Holders will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the product to the original purchaser. Get all the details HERE


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