Riversmith River Quiver 2 Banger Fly Rod Carrier

$479.00 - $529.00
Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Riversmith River Quiver 2 Banger fly rod carrier is a premium rooftop fly rod holder designed to be light, durable, and incredibly secure for transporting your fly rods.

River Quiver is designed to fit your fly rods securely next to one another in an insanely strong injection molded reel box and double barrel big bore rod tubes. With a military spec 810G vibration standard tested for stability in transport, the River Quiver is the only rooftop fly rod carrier to undergo this harsh testing, ensuring strength and stability for your rods in transport.

Designed and handcrafted in Boulder, CO, by fishermen for fishermen.

NOTE:  Available in TWO colors:  silver or black


  • Dimensions: Length: 125.8” Width: 9” Height: 7.4”
  • Height Off Crossbar: 5”
  • Weight: 21.7 lbs


  • Double Barrel Big Bore rod tubes are 1 11/16” diameter, larger than the competitors’ to hold rods up to 11 weights
  • Insanely strong injection molded reel box can withstand almost any abuse or attack
  • Military Spec 810G vibration standard tested
  • Proprietary custom-drawn 6063-T5 aluminum Double Barrel extrusion with I Beam strength makes for the strongest, stiffest and lightest carrier available
  • Only fly rod carrier to feature T-slots top & bottom
  • Custom designed Double Barrel Big Bore tubes are sleek and refined and compliment the look of your rig
  • Side Swing Door is the lowest to the ground, easiest to access and features a stay-open indented hinge that won’t swing shut on your hands or rods in the wind
  • Tongue and Groove door closure is extremely secure and resists even serious attempts at break-in
  • Quiet Aero design has fewer spaces between tubes to catch wind
  • Slip-Proof thru bolted coupler cannot come undone
  • Plastic liner to protect your valuable investments, fits up to 10’4” rods up to 11 weight in size


  • Single Anodized Aluminum Extrusions
  • Allows Product to be stronger, providing more protection than other rod holders that rely on single rod tubes
  • Undergone Military Grade Shake Testing
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Coupler
  • Through Bolts That Insert Through Middle of Extrusion
  • Much Less Likely to Come Undone in Tough Off-road Conditions
  • Will Not Iodize When Exposed to Salt When Ocean Fishing

 Increased Rod Size

  • Singular Extrusion Allows for Larger Rod and Reel accommodation
  • Accommodation Up to 10ft Rods and 11wt Reels
  • Larger Rod Butts Accommodated
 Enhanced Protective Liner
  • River Quivers Are Lined With Top Grade Poly Propelene
  • Allows for Smooth Insertion and Removal of Rods
  • Extra Soft for Protection of the Guides
  • Temperature Resistant for Those Super Hot Summer Days and Those Super Cold Winter Mornings
  • Extremely durable for Extended and Frequent Use
  • No Swelling or Changing Shape After Contact With Moisture
 User Friendly Reel Case
  • Reel Case is Designed Around Simplicity and Durability
  • Case Cover Opens Horizontally to the Right and Comes with a Locking Mechanism to Hold the Cover Open
  • Competitor Holders Open Vertically Allowing Wind and Gust to Blow the Cover Down Onto Rods While Loading Them
  • Locking Impact Tested Reel Box with Serated Hinge Pin That Won't Rattle Loose Overtime
  • Developed from AES Stirine Polymere Which is both Super Durable and UV Resistant

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