Rhino Rack Vortex 2500 RS Flush Bar Roof Rack

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Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Vortex RS Flush Bar Roof Rack is super quiet and has no bar over hang creating a slim, streamlined look.  The Vortex RS roof rack is designed to fit vehicles without raingutters and attaches using vehicle specific clips and pads that hook inside the door jam.

The pads are custom fit, with each specifically tailored to fit the contour of the vehicle roofline.  The clamps also provide a custom fit, with each clamp designed to fit the curves of your vehicle's door jam.  The crossbar length is specifically measured to the width of your vehicle.

NOTE: We will ship the proper fit kit and crossbar length based on the vehicle year, make and model you provide.

2 crossbars
4 towers
4 pads
4 clamps
4 locks w/ keys
tools + instructions

Aerodynamic, aluminum crossbars reduce wind noise and won't rust.

Crossbar length is determined by each specific vehicle's roof width. We will ship the proper crossbar length according to your vehicle.

The Rhino Rack Vortex crossbars are available in two colors:

Quick and easy to install and remove.

Locks and keys are included for complete security.

Compatible with all Rhino Rack accessories.

This roof rack has a 165 lbs. load capacity.

Backed by a Rhino Rack Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Click the logo to launch the Rhino Rack fit guide to determine which rack will fit your vehicle: