Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader

Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader assists you in loading your kayak, ladder, camping gear or other longer heavy items, onto your roof rack crossbars.  Simply lift one side of your load onto the Rhino Universal Side Loader, then pivot your load onto your crossbars.

Designed to fit all of the following roof racks: 
Rhino Vortex & HD bars, all Thule crossbars, Whispbar racks, Inno racks, and Yakima racks.

NOTE: NOT compatible with factory installed crossbars.  Despite its name, the Universal Side Loader is NOT universal.

Be sure to tie down your load once it is safely on the crossbars using our non-stretch load rated fastening straps.

Push button for quick release and easy storage.  Heavy duty storage bag included.

The support pole can hold loads up to 132 lbs.

Integrated load stop prevents load from sliding off bar.

Foam padding for protection of your gear.  Padding on the underside of clamps to protect vehicle roof.

Backed by a Rhino Rack Limited Lifetime Warranty.

NOTE: Rubber mat is not included in the RUSL kit.