Rhino Rack Universal Roof Rack Fairing

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Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Universal Wind Fairing reduces drag and wind noise while improving aerodynamics and fuel economy.

The universal fairing mounts to Rhino racks, Thule racks, Yakima racks, Inno racks, Whispbar racks, and most factory roof racks.

Available in four sizes:
32" (RF1)
38" (RF2)
44" (RF3)
50" (RF4)

The Rhino Wind Fairing has been designed to be both stylish and aerodynamic.

The fairing helps to deflect air around your load while driving and reduce wind noise and drag.

NOTE:  Fitting Kit HD-FK1 is required to mount the fairing on Rhino Rack Heavy Duty crossbars.

Quick and easy to install and remove.

Backed by a Rhino Rack Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Click the logo to launch the Rhino Rack fit guide to determine which rack will fit your vehicle: