Rhino Rack Roller Bar

$94.50 - $142.50
Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Roller Bar is designed to be mounted onto Rhino Heavy Duty crossbars and the Rhino Pioneer & Elevated cargo platforms.

The Rhino Roller is a great way to get your ladders on and off your Rhino Heavy Duty roof racks with only a small amount of effort.

It is also a cost effective way of loading ladders or lumber on your roof rack without a full ladder system.

Made of alloy and mild steel and available in many sizes.

Simply attach the Roller to your crossbar and roll your ladder onto your roof rack.

NOTE: For use with Rhino Rack Heavy Duty crossbars and Pioneer Cargo Trays only.

The Pioneer Roller is designed to be mounted to the rear of a pioneer platform or elevation. It runs nearly the full width of the tray and provides a roller to assist in loading ladder, sheets of timber, etc.

What's Included:
Roller with outer sleeve
Attachment brackets and hardware

For Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Crossbars:
RR470    18" Heavy Duty Roller Bar
RR540    21" Heavy Duty Roller Bar
RR615    24" Heavy Duty Roller Bar
RR1375  54" Heavy Duty Roller Bar
RR1500  59" Heavy Duty Roller Bar

For Rhino Rack Pioneer Cargo Trays:
#43129  42" Pioneer Roller Bar
#43130  48" Pioneer Roller Bar
#43131  50" Pioneer Roller Bar

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