Rhino Rack Dome Roof Rack Awning

Ships Within 24-48 Hours

Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Dome 1300 Awning provides extra height for smaller vehicles so you can have it made in the shade.  The roof domes up to offer extra head room underneath the awning so it will work well for taller people and for lower roofed vehicles.  Whether you need shade while tailgating, on the beach or for your family outings, the Dome Awning will provide the all weather protection you need.

The Dome 1300 Awning can be mounted to either side of your vehicle or directly off the rear.

The Dome Roof Rack Awning includes T-track mounting hardware that fits Rhino Rack Vortex crossbars, HD crossbars, Pioneer Tray, and is also compatible with Thule Aero crossbars and Yakima Jet Stream crossbars.

NOTE:  NOT compatible with factory roof rack crossbars.


  • Made from the same heavy duty rip-stop poly cotton fabric as other Rhino Rack awnings (Sunseeker) 
  • The Dome 1300 Awning (#32125) is weather proof with superior water run off.
  • UV 50+ protected.
  • The Dome 1300 Awning is quick to set up and easy to use.
  • Ideal for smaller vehicles, as the domed roof provides extra head clearance.  
  • Stands over 2.0m depending on the vehicle it is mounted onto.
  • Large coverage area of 2500mm x 2400mm

What's included:
1 awning
2 guy ropes
2 vertical poles
2 support poles

Backed by a 1 year warranty