Rhino Rack BatWing Awning

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Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Batwing roof rack awning is perfect for any adventure.  The Batwing awning provides 270 degrees of shade and 118 sq/ft coverage.  The Batwing comes complete with ropes, pegs AND poles all packed and stored neatly in the awning bag making your gear, and your trip, totally unforgettable.  Great for camping trips, sporting events, or tradesmen.

The Batwing awning is made from a heavy-duty, water and mold resistant material that has been tested and rated to UPF 50 +, offering maximum sun protection. All of your favorite existing awning accessories including side walls, extension pieces and tents are still compatible, increasing your coverage even more.

Our easy-to-use design means the Batwing awning can be set up or packed away within minutes. Everything you need is included: poles, ropes, pegs, plus a fitting kit to help you mount the awning to your roof rack.

When not in use, simply store the awning away in its heavy-duty PVC bag until next time.

NOTE:  The batwing awning includes mounting hardware attach to ALL Rhino Rack crossbars (vortex, heavy duty, pioneer platform).  

This roof rack awning can also be mounted to Inno roof racks, Thule crossbars, and Yakima crossbars, but CANNOT mount to OEM/factory crossbars. Additional adapters are needed to mount to Inno/Thule or Yakima bars (sold separately - see drop down menu above).

The Rhino Rack Batwing Awning is available in two models:
Driver Side Mounted
Passenger Side Mounted


  • Provides 270 degrees of Shade covering 11 sqm / 118 sq/ft
  • Awning Material (210D P/OX W/R PU2000mm):
    • Lightweight
    • Ripstop
    • Water and Mold resistant
    • Independently tested UV50+ rating
    • Endorsed by Cancer Council*
  • Pegs and guy ropes kept inside the awning in an enclosed pocket
  • Awning Legs:
    • Fold out from the awning arms for easy access and no need for separate leg/peg/rope bag
    • Adjustable and lightweight
    • Can be packed away fully extended or at pre-set length for your vehicle
    • Molded foot for putting pegs in at the base of legs
  • Rhino-Rack branded pickup point included to tie off the awning to your roof racks
  • More space in the bag for easy storage and the bag can be replaced if it gets damaged
  • Large Rhino-Rack branded zipper tabs for easy use
  • Stylish black bag made of heavy duty 580gsm PVC
  • Rare earth magnet locking feature to secure awning arms (Neodymium)
  • Designed for quick easy setup and pack down
  • Rust-resistant black powder coated poles and frame
  • Double stitched Velcro for added durability.
  • Additional tie down points on the awning and guy ropes provided for windy conditions
  • Bright orange colored guy ropes for visibility
  • Plastic hinges for flexibility and longevity
  • Compatible with old 270-degree awning accessories
  • Frame of the awning features channel for mounting lightweight accessories such as the Rhino-Rack shovel holder
  • Front plastic molding provides impact protection when driving off-road
  • Mounting brackets compatible with all pioneer systems, designed to allow for installation at different heights (sold separately)
  • Includes 2 spare Hinge Moldings
  • Fits all Rhino-Rack roof racks
  • Available in Left (33100) and Right-hand (33200) models


  • 10 Pegs
  • Peg bag
  • 8 Ropes (4 with hooks)
  • Tie Down point and strap
  • 2 Multi-fit brackets and hardware
  • 2 spare Hinge Knuckles

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