Rhino Rack BatWing Awning Tapered Zip Extension

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Product Overview

The Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Tapered Zip Extension is an additional add-on to increase the coverage area of the Batwing Awning.  The extension piece simply zips into place.

It can also act as a side wall to offer extra privacy when camping or provide protection from the wind.

The extension, telescopic poles, ropes and pegs are all included. All parts fit in the storage bag when not in use.

The Batwing Awning Extension is made from high quality material that is UV protected, waterproof and mold resistant.

With 4 Tapered Zip Extensions attached together on your Batwing Awning, you can create a full enclosure for your family and friends.

UV Protected and Mold Resistant
Wont Rust 
Tough, rip-stop poly canvas material
Coverage area of 7.1m
2 Year Warranty 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review