Pro Board Racks Surfboard Storage Rack

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Product Overview

Holds 2 to 6 boards. 


  • 16" arms are solid birch 3/4" inch thick with foam padding to protect your boards.
  • Comes with removable black end caps (not pictured)
  • Arms angled at 15 degrees
  • Routed finished edges
  • Sold as a set
  • 4 pre-drilled screw holes and mounting hardware for easy hanging
  • Dimensions: 2 level: 16", 3 level: 25", 4 level 35", 5 level 45", 6 level 55"

Wall Mount Surfboard Display Racks

By using a surfboard wall mount rack you save space in the garage, basement, dorm room, or living room. Also, your surfboards will look impressive racked neatly on display.

The most efficient way to store your surfboards is on an armed surfboard wall mount that will cradle your surfboards on padded arms for a nice display. This style of rack is built for function, as you will be able to rack your surfboard with ease and have your board off the rack and ready to go! There is plenty of distance between the arms to allow space for your fins as well.

Location of your wall mounted surfboard rack

You can hang your surfboard display rack just about anywhere, but the places we recommend are the garage, storage room, living room, basement, or dorm room. 

Mounting Specifics

All wall mount racks from Pro Board Racks come with "easy-set" pre-drilled screw holes and dry wall screws. All you need to get your rack mounted on your wall is a screw driver! That’s it. Our surfboard wall mounts are sturdy but very light weight which makes mounting simple. Additionally, our screw holes are deep enough that you won’t even notice the screw once your rack is mounted on the wall with your surfboards.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review