Lasso Security Cable

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Product Overview

Lasso's Kong Cable Lock is designed for closed deck touring kayaks and has the greatest versatility of any kayak lock available on the market. The thicker cable and bigger lock provide complete security for your kayak.

Galvanized steel aircraft cable is vinyl coated to 3/8" thick.

Uses a key or number combination in the same housing for added versatility. Easily set the combination to any 4-digit number you choose. If you forget your combination, use your key to open the lock and re-set your code. If you lose your key just open the lock with you personal combination code.

Sliding keyhole cover keeps the locking mechanism clean from debris.


Weight: 3.25 Lbs.

Galvanized steel aircraft cable vinyl coated to 3/8"

Overall length is roughly 16 ft.

Loop size is approximately 47"

Tail length with lock is approximately 75"

Can use key or combination in the same lock housing.

Has re-settable combination code that you choose.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review